Lakshay Cargo Movers Jaipur corporate goods relocation services India, but also in domestic and international transportation of household and corporate goods relocation solutions around the worldwide. With a long experience and strong network of road transportation, airline agents and ocean carriers, we provide complete door-to-door transportation, international good relocation services and domestic relocations with assurance that the goods will reach their destination without a scratch.

Moving from one location to other location is one of the challenging tasks one has to do. To make it easy and simple we offer relocation services for office and organizations. Once can easily shift from one place to another with huge goods. Office relocation is no more a big task anymore.

Lakshay Cargo Movers Jaipur have expertise in corporate relocation services. We’ve been helping our clients with all their relocation needs from long time and we have a proven record of successful relocation projects and dozens of satisfied clients. We coordinate with department heads and managers to determine a scheduling system that will avoid unnecessary disruptions. For an office move, we provide logistics planning, dismantling and crating of furniture, fixtures and equipment, site preparation, floor planning and set-up. We also provide warehousing and storage for any customer, including those who need climate controlled facilities. Our job is to make things go smoothly for you during your relocation.

Choosing an Office relocation service is often quite problematic and full of hassles. This is because you need to ensure minimum loss of working hours and worker productivity .Lakshay Cargo Movers Jaipur offer a variety of office relocation services to their clients depending upon their needs and requirements. Their team does a complete research to know what all can go wrong at the last moment, and then works to cover them. Their full range of services include packing and moving services, transportation services, loading and unloading services, insurance coverage services, warehousing, storage services, and a variety of other add on services.

Lakshay Cargo Movers Jaipur has been the unchallenged leader in household goods movement. Deccan Express offers you absolute on-road safety for your precious household goods owing to a fleet of own custom-built containerised vehicles. The only one of its kind in India with such personal infrastructure.Lakshay Cargo Movers Jaipur comes to you with an enviable track record of well over three decades experience in the movement of household goods, from packing at source to unpacking at destination.

Our Services

  • Packing and wrapping in a professional way.
  • Proper planning before departing.
  • Storage of material for both short and long period.
  • The insurance of goods.
  • Re-arranging all the goods.

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